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Nile Valley Growers (NVG) is an Egyptian shareholding company established since 2002 to produce and export a selected basket of horticulture crops mainly into Europe.  NVG also provides farm management and technical advisory services relying on a strong backbone of success stories both in Egypt and in the region since its inception.  Our core crop is table grapes, we grow Prime Seedless™, Starlight™, Superior Seedless™, Flame Seedless™ as well as Crimson Seedless™ and are further expanding....    More

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Global GAP

GLOBALG.A.P is a private sector body that sets voluntary standards for the certification of production processes of agricultural (including aquaculture) products around the globe. The GLOBALG.A.P standard is primarily designed to reassure consumers...


Good Agricultural Practices are not just about products; they’re also about people GLOBALG.A.P. RISK ASSESSMENT ON SOCIAL PRACTICE Committed to Workers’ Health, Safety and Welfare


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DEC 2012

 DEC 2012: NVG celebrates 10 years of serving our customers with the highest quality of fresh produce .     more

NOV 2012

 NOV 2012: NVG covers all table grapes areas under plastic .     more

MAR 2012

 MAR 2012 : NVG adds Salheya area as a new base for table grapes production in Egypt .     more

DEC 2011

  Sept 2011: NVG adds new varieties of grapes - ARRA GRAPES.     more

SEPT 2011

 Sept 2011: NVG Creates NILE VALLEY GROWERS as the group's arm for production and exportation services .     more

Our newly planted hot

Sep 2009: Our newly planted hot chili peppers are doing well. We have planted Champion as well as Habib varieties. Oct 2009: NVG adds an additional 100 acres of table grapes to its current b...     more

Feb 2009

Feb 2009: NVG updates its business plan for the next 5 year term, and finalizes its feasibility study for the implementation of a large scale farm with a crop mix ranging from centre pivot irriga...     more

Jan 2009

Jan 2009: Forecast for grape season 2008/2009 is positive - we expect good fertility, but chill hours are somewhat low this year as winter seems to be very mild so far.     more

Oct 2008

Oct 2008: NVG adds a new farm to its "rented farms" portfolio, adding another 22 acres of Sugraone plants in peak commerical yield     more

Apr 2008

Apr 2008: Construction is complete in our new post harvest center, new coldstore compound is fully functional and we have increased our packinghouse space by nearly 30%.     more

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